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9.0 Ah – 20.0 Ah

EV Lithium-ion Battery Packs are intended for tough Indian roads, temperatures, and fast charging while adhering to the highest safety standards.

Model Details

Cell Chemistry Nominal Voltage (V) Nominal Capacity (AH) Technology
LFP / NMC 48 20.0 Cylindrical & Prismatic
LFP / NMC 48 40.0 Cylindrical & Prismatic
LFP / NMC 26 9.0 Cylindrical & Prismatic
LFP / NMC 26 9.0 Cylindrical & Prismatic

Exclusive Features of Two-Wheelers Lithium-ion Batteries

  • The sealed construction is maintenance-free and non-spillable.
  • Deep discharge recovery and charge acceptance are exceptional.
  • Quick power delivery is ensured by low internal resistance.
  • Increased Gas Recombination Efficiency ensures less maintenance and extended service life.
  • The high purity of the raw material assures low self-discharge and long shelf life.
  • Manufactured in a cutting-edge facility that meets all main QMS requirements.
  • After-sales assistance that is dedicated India-wide network and support.