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• Auto Dusk to Dawn Mode

• Short Circuit Protection

• Battery Deep Discharge Protection

• All in One Integrated Model

• Over Charge Protection

• LED Indicators

Specification of Solar Street Light

Operation Auto Dusk to dawn mode. Light will glow in full bright mode for first 4 Hrs. After 4 Hrs. Light will dim to 33% power and motion sensor will activate for
detection of motion. If any motion is detected in 12m area around the Light, it will glow in full mode for 2 min. After that it will again come to 33% power.
LED Light Operating
Voltage Range
9.6V – 12.6V
Load Cut-off Voltage
for Battery
LED Driver Effeciency >90%
Light Backup Time 2 Days
Protection Provided Battery deep discharge protection, Over charge protection, Load open Protection, Charging and Battery Indication, Reverse current flow Protection,
Temperature compensation, Short circuit protection
Packaging Contains Integrated light with SPV, Mounting bracket, U-Clamp, Nut-bolts
Warranty 3 Year Manufacturing Warranty