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Solar Subsidy in Bihar – How to Apply for Solar Subsidy

The Bihar government has joined hands to provide green energy to the people. The North Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited (NBPDCL) and South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited (SBPDCL) manage the Solar Systems Installation and Solar Installation Subsidy...

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India’s Top 10 Solar Companies

Top 10 Solar Companies in India As one of the world's fastest-growing economies, India's carbon footprint is growing as a result of mass commercialization. As a result, alternative energy suppliers such as solar energy firms have captured the attention of consumers...

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E-Rickshaw vs. Auto Rickshaw and Rickshaw

This human-powered mode of transportation became popular in the nineteenth century. Human force is use to drag this two-wheeled cart with a seating capacity of one or two persons. Rickshawala is how the puller is termed in Hindi. These individuals are sometimes...

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Solar Subsidy in West Bengal, 2022

In India, West Bengal is a pioneer in solar technology. WEBEL, a government-owned company, was one of the country's first solar energy panel manufacturers. Solar rooftop systems must be installed by all big housing societies in West Bengal (with a total contract...

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1 KW Solar Panel Price in India, 2022

1 KW Solar Panel Price in India, 2022 The 1 KW Solar Panel instant self-consumption kit is made up of 335 Wp solar panels that generate up to 1000W of energy that is immediately consumed by the electrical devices that are connected to the house at the time. As a...

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5KW Solar System Price in India

5KW Solar System Price in India, 2022 The most common medium-capacity solar system is a 5kW solar system, and its popularity is growing by the day of its wider popularity, it is an excellent choice for 2BHK, 3BHK, and other medium-sized homes, and it is simple to set...

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Solar Water Heater

Given recent breakthroughs in solar energy technology, it's only natural that solar water heating will follow suit. Water isn't always warm, whether it's in a pool or in your home. As the sun rises and sets, the amount of heat that reaches your pool changes. A solar...

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Home Solar Lighting System

Solar Lighting System for Home We've all heard about the negative consequences of greenhouse gas emissions from companies and fossil fuel combustion. Many steps taken by the government and industry to address this issue. However, most individuals are unaware of the...

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Price of Solar Panels for Home, Office in India

https://khushilithiumwale.com/ Price of Solar Panels for Home, Office and Shop in India We've all heard of solar panels, right? But do you know why one needs a solar panel at home or how much a solar panel for home costs in India? So, we'll go over everything in this...

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How to Select the Best Solar Panels?

https://khushilithiumwale.com/ Many modern homes and infrastructures recognise the environmental benefits of adding solar panels. Solar panels are inexpensive and help to protect the environment from the damaging impacts of carbon emissions. With this in mind, you...

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