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325 VA – 10000 VA

Home, Commercial PCU & Performance Range

Smart Solar Selection Logic based on built in Real Time


Optimum solar power usage with high current solar charger

Simultaneously Charge batteries by Solar and Grid

Provision for maintaining the battery gravity once in a month

Ability to provide 100% rated power directly from solar panel

Intelligently gives the priority to solar power & takes the balance from Mains

Exclusive Features of Off-Grid Inverters

  • To save money on electricity costs, use the Power Saving function to forgo charging from the grid.
  • For optimal solar power consumption, real-time divides the day into four-time windows.
  • Solar charge controllers with built-in PWM/MPPT.
  • Because solar power is an optional feature, it can also be utilised as a standard inverter.
  • Overload, short circuit, and protection circuits with auto-retry are smart overload, short circuit, and protection circuits.
  • There is a place where you can set key parameters.
  • Grid is not required, however, it is recommended.
  • Computers, servers, and sensitive loads can all be switched over instantly.