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Solar Pv Moduels

Solar PV Modules

Our solar panels are of the highest quality and have excellent electrical parameters.

Solar Products

Solar Products

We released a wide range of gadgets and portable kits that include a solar panel.

On-Grid solar system

On Grid Solar System

Our new generation single and three-phase solar systems

Off grid solar system

Off Grid Solar System

Our new generation solar power generating system

Electric Watter Pump

Electric Water Pump

Electric Water Pumps are available in the following range.

Electrice Three wheelers

EV Range

Introducing the new Lithium Battery Rickshaws, which provide more power, and longer battery.

Solar Pumps

Solar Water Pump

With minimum maintenance and a long product life, solar water pumping solutions save you money on diesel or electricity.

Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters Comes with BLDC Hub Motor and Lithium-ion / Gel Battery. You have to option.

On Grid & Off Grid Inverter

On Grid & Off Grid Inverters

Our new generation single and three-phase solar inverter

Li-Ion Battery Packs

Lithium-Ion Batteries

We can manufacture battery packs using both NMC and LFP technology.

Electric Cycle

Electric Bicycles

Electric Bicycle comes with Lithium-ion Detachable Battery Pack